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A mixed change in market values ​​for Manchester United players – Big Sport News

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Manchester United

Here we show you the rise and fall in market values ​​of Manchester United players

Can you guess which Manchester United player has seen the biggest increase in his market value? We have collected some information about the most valuable players in the world, i.e. their market value statistics.

This article will tell you about the rise and fall in market values ​​of some of the Manchester United players.

Change in market values


  • Antony: +40 million EUR (EUR 75 million)
  • Lisandro Martinez: +18 million EUR (50 million EUR)
  • Casemiro: +10 million EUR (50 million EUR)
  • Diogo Dalot: +8 million EUR (28 million EUR)


  • Cristiano Ronaldo: -€10m (€20m)
  • Luke Shaw: -8 million EUR (30 million EUR)
  • Harry Maguire: -8 million EUR (30 million EUR)
  • Aaron Wan-Bissaka: -7 million EUR (18 million EUR)

*Brackets contain the current market value*

Just after his arrival at Manchester Untied, Antony’s market value has risen to €75 million. A brilliant increase of €40 million has made him one of the most valuable Brazilians in the world at the moment.

His teammate Lisandro Martinez came after him and the English treasure did his job in earnest. The list mentioned above shows that no Brazilian has had a drop in market value. Their market value has either not changed at all or increased by at least €10 million.

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But if we look at the other side of the club, United have four players with an unfortunate drop in their market values.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2022/23 campaign has not been as good as expected. He has scored just one goal in eight games for the Red Devils this season so far. Furthermore, his market value has decreased by €10 million.

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