Top 10 Things That Will Happen When Kim Jong Un Dies

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Top 10 Things That Will Happen When Kim Jong Un Dies !

Today we’re talking about this somewhat mysterious hermit nation of the Democratic Republic of North Korea. That’s right. We’re talking about the top ten things that will happen when Kim Jong un dies.
As little is known in the West, about the full scope of the political system in North Korea. A lot of this list is speculation. As with any death of a dictator, I would expect a lot of upheaval.

10. It would be kept secret for a while.

when Kim Jong un’s father, Kim Jong il, dies in December 2011. It took this state media 51 hours to report it. They kept the death a secret. As a result of political jockeying, this was while the funeral committee and successor were decided. I would assume the death of Kim Jong un would be alike. When the new leaders were ready to announce the death, they would inform government agencies working at school workers and military leaders that there is to be a major announcement then, like with Kim Jong il’s death. The announcement would in the end come from the state run Korean Central Television. The news anchor would be dressed in black traditional Korean clothing to mark the mourning.

9. The Country would weep radically as we saw in 2011.

North Koreans absolutely lost it over the death of their leader.In the dictate to state, the leader of the country is seen with almost a godlike status when the previous leader dies. People wept from the roads in case Kim Jong un died , which I envision would be the same.  A lot of individuals simply fell in despair and lamentation.  If you visited northkorea, the streets of Pyongyang would be loud with wailing.

8. There would be a huge state funeral, like with Kim Jong il.

It’s likely that Kim’s body would lie in state, as is traditional in the Crewson Memorial Palace for a week, a week to 10 days after his death. The funeral or the ceremony of his parting, as it would be called in North Korea, would take place. People would line the streets in mourning. There’d be a procession followed by an artillery salute.  moments of silence would subsequently follow this.  When his dad died, clues into the redesign will Probably Be obvious at the celebration  Kim Jong un was ranked the first in the funeral committee of two hundred and thirty three people coming in. 

7.South Korea would be on awake, like the death of Kim Jong il.

The South Korean military would be put on awake. It is likely that the president of South Korea would cancel what they were doing and focus on the situation.

There would be a paramount interest in keeping the Korean peninsula stable.

6. the event would make a huge international headlines and would be the subject of much debate

Kim Jong un’s death would make international headlines. There’s no doubt about it. While the passing of any world leader is big news because of the nature of North Korea and the cult of personality surrounding Kim Jong un, they should be an especially big deal. International politicians would be keeping a very close eye on the situation for fear of upheaval destabilising the country. While it is likely that China would send its condolences, a lot of countries would not have kind words to say about Kim Jong un.

5. There is the possibility of nuclear attacks.

Whilst this is not a given by any means, we do know that Kim Jong un has spent a lot of time and energy cultivating nuclear weapons. We know that the leader of the habit nation has been pretty paranoid and has regularly threatened the West with his arsenal. Here is to say that his dying wish isn’t to launch what he already has. He could launch nukes at whoever he could reach. Now, this could mean South Korea, Japan, Guam, but of course there is to know what kind of range he is working on. Perhaps come his death, he could reach the United States, parts of Europe and Australia.

4. It could possibly mean the end of the Kim dynasty.

Again, we’re not sure about this one. There’s not any clear successor for the pioneer of North Korea since it’s today.  He’s widely supposed to get murdered their brother.  And obviously, that is simply not his sole real family to possess met with a ending that is suspicious.  He’d have to allow it to be evident that he wished his own successor In case Kim wished to keep the dynasty his grandfather began. Right now, his children are so young they wouldn’t be suitable replacements. But of course, despite health concerns, Kim Jong un is still young himself. So perhaps by the time he does die, one of them would be ready to take his place. If he passed away now, though, it is likely there would be a lot of political jockeying and perhaps some more deaths coming in.

 3 .They could be collective rule.

When Mao and Stalin died, China and Russia opted for collective rule, which was actually better for their countries as it toned down the megalomania touch. It is possible that members of Kim Jong un’s government could make an arrangement to appoint a ruler and then start their own line of succession if a successor couldn’t be decided on, though. 

2. N.Korea could collapse without Kim Jong un Leadership.

North Korea could feasibly collapse if political order wasn’t restored quickly. The country could be dive into a civil war. We have no real idea of knowing exactly how a lot of North Koreans feel about the country and the regime they live within. A lot of people may well be discontent. I can only assume that people were looking to deflect. This would probably be that chance. Again, a political order can be restored and other nations may step in.

1.Ultimately, possibly the optimal/optimally results from Kim Jong Un departure is the fact that Korea might be combined

You’ve now already been attempts previously in re unification.
Whether the two different nations have developed very different coaches. A unified Korea did march in the Winter Olympics in 2018. So perhaps it’s possible. Politically, this is something that South Korea seemed to want, although it would bring up a lot of tensions between the United States, the EU, China and Russia, who would all be grappling for influence in the area.

So, guys, those are the TOP 10 things that would happen if Kim Jong un died, or so we think. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section down below. 

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