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Top 10 players with the most goals scored under Pep Guardiola

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Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola

Here are the 10 best players with the most goals registered under Pep Guardiola

Can you guess which player has scored the most goals for Pep Guardiola? We have gathered some information from Transfermarkt for some of the best players in the world, that is, their performance statistics through all time.

This article will tell you about the 10 best players who have scored the most goals under Pep Guardiola’s leadership.

Most goals scored

  1. Lionel Messi – 211 goals
  2. Sergio Aguero – 124 goals
  3. Raheem Sterling – 120 goals
  4. Gabriel Jesus – 94 goals
  5. Thomas Muller – 79 goals
  6. Kevin De Bruyne – 70 goals
  7. Robert Lewandowski – 67 goals
  8. Riyad Mahrez – 63 goals
  9. Pedro – 58 goals
  10. Ilkay Gundogan – 48 goals

Lionel Messi is without a doubt the best player on the list mentioned above, not to mention the highest goal scorer under Pep Guardiola’s leadership. He is the only player to have scored more than 200 goals for Pep.

Messi’s best friend and national teammate Sergio Aguero retired from professional football after having heart problems. It was so sad to see the fall of one of the best strikers of this generation.

Gabriel Jesus is no longer a Manchester City player and has signed a three-year contract with Arsenal. The Gunners certainly did a good job picking up the young player as they always wanted to improve their attack.

Raheem Sterling is in talks with many big European clubs and Chelsea are one of the clubs interested in buying him. They face tough competition from Bayern Munich for Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer.

Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester Untied as soon as possible and the reason behind this can be seen on the Premier League points table. Unbound finished 6th on the points table means they are out of the UEFA Champions League race next season.

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