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Top 10 Most Valuable Premier League Clubs Since 2013 – Big Sport News

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Premier League

Here we show you some of the most valuable Premier League clubs since 2013

Can you guess Liverpool’s current squad value? As a tip, let us tell you that they have a market capitalization of less than €1 billion. We have gathered some information about the most valuable clubs in the world, i.e. their market value statistics.

This article will tell you about the 10 most valuable clubs in the Premier League since 2013.

Most Valuable PL Clubs

  1. Manchester City (2013) – €0.5bn
  2. Chelsea (2014) – €0.5bn
  3. Chelsea (2015) – €0.6 billion
  4. Chelsea (2016) – €0.6 billion
  5. Manchester City (2017) – €0.6 billion
  6. Manchester City (2018) – €1bn
  7. Manchester City (2019) – €1.2 billion
  8. Manchester City (2020) – €1bn
  9. Manchester City (2021) – €1 billion
  10. Manchester City (2022) – €1 billion

Manchester City has been the most valuable Premier League club since 2017. This shows their clear dominance in the English league. Back in 2019, their team value was €1.2 billion, their highest ever.

Let us remind you that City is the third richest club in the world after Newcastle United and PSG who are in first and second place respectively.

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Chelsea had their reign over the market for three consecutive years from 2014 to 2016. In 2012, they won their first ever UEFA Champions League title, so it was clear that their team value increased.

Liverpool and Chelsea are currently the second and third most valuable Premier League clubs with a market value of around €925 million and €861 million respectively.

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