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Top 10 Most Valuable Players in Group A – UEFA Champions League 2022/23

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Mohamed Salah

Here we show you some of the most valuable players in Group A in the Champions League 2022/23

The UEFA Champions League kicked off its 2022/23 season with two stunning matches. As we move forward, we will see a lot of interesting and exciting games. But this is survival of the fittest and the team with the most consistency will be the champion.

This article will tell you about the 10 most valuable players in Group A of the UEFA Champions League 2022/23. Follow for latest updates.

Most Valuable Players

  1. Mohamed Salah – €90m
  2. Trent Alexander Arnold – €80m
  3. Victor Oshimen – €65 million
  4. Luiz Diaz – €65m
  5. Andrew Robertson – €65m
  6. Diogo Jota – €60m
  7. Fabinho – €60m
  8. Darwin Nunez – €55m
  9. Virgil Van Dijk – €55m
  10. Alisson – €50m

Mohamed Salah is undoubtedly the best player in Group A of the Champions League. And there is no doubt that he is the most valuable player in the group with a market value of €90 million.

We can all see that this list is only filled with Liverpool players except Oshimen who belongs to Napoli. However, he is injured and could miss some of their next matches, as reported by the Italian media.

Speaking of Darwin Nunez, he has only scored two goals for the clubs since his debut for them. He was expected to be a competitor to Erling Haaland, but the other guy is incredibly overpowered. Haaland has scored 14 goals for Manchester City this season so far.

Former Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez believes Darwin Nunez will learn from the mistake he made against Crystal Palace.

“His recent sending off has affected how quickly he has been able to build an understanding with new team-mates, but the positive of that situation is that he knows not to get involved with defenders again,” Benitez wrote in his column. for The Times.

– I also think he will score a lot of goals for Liverpool and that he gives them a different dynamic than Roberto Firmino.

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“Firmino likes to drop off, create superiority in the middle of the pitch and help his teammates to score, while Nunez is someone who will always be in the penalty box.

“He needs some time and Liverpool just need a goal to boost their confidence. I don’t see a team struggling with big problems.”

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