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Here we show you the difference between the clubs’ squad value and the purchase value

Can you guess the club with the second most expensive squad in the world? We have collected information from Transfermarkt about some of the best clubs in the world, i.e. their all-time marketing statistics.

This article will tell you about the difference between the squad value and the buy/buy value of some of the biggest clubs in football history.

S. No Association Squad value Purchase value Difference
1. Manchester City €1.06 billion €1.01 billion + €40 million
2. Manchester United €792.3 million €892.6 million – €100.3 million
3. Chelsea €861.5 million €757.7 million +€ 103.8 million
4. Paris Saint Germain €890.4 million €73.04 million +€160.0 million
5. Liverpool €925.0 million €662.1 million + €262.9 million
6. Real Madrid €837.5 million €638.9 million +€198.6 million
7. Atletico Madrid €611.5 million €526.2 million + €85.3 million
8. Arsenal €665.5 million €492.3 million +€173.2 million
9. Barcelona €813.7 million €467.5 million + €346.2 million
10. Newcastle United €422.1 million €454.9 million – €32.8 million

*Note – the table is out of order*

Manchester City is the most valuable club in the world, but has not been the richest since the dominance of Newcastle United’s owners in 2021. The future Man City owners can get a combined profit of €40 million.

Manchester United’s future owners must face a loss of €100.3 million after the club’s purchase, if possible. The same applies to Newcastle United, as a person looking to buy the club has to deal with a loss of €32.8 million.

Someone who wants to buy Barcelona will get a huge profit of €346.2 million, which in turn can be used to buy players. Liverpool have acquired the second most expensive squad in the world after Man City and their future owners will have a staggering profit of over €250 million.

You can see the rest for yourself in the table. European giants like Real Madrid, Arsenal, PSG and have got huge squad value but their purchase value is less than that.

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