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Romelu Lukaku

Here we show you the players who have played for both Chelsea and Manchester United

Can you guess how many matches Juan Veron played for both Chelsea and Manchester United? We have gathered information about some of the best players in football history, that is, their performance statistics over time.

This article will tell you about the players who have contributed to two of the biggest clubs in football history – Chelsea and Manchester United.

Career at both Chelsea and Man Utd

Romelu Lukaku

Association Game Goal
Chelsea 26 4
Manchester United 96 42

Nemanja Matic

Association Game Goal
Chelsea 154 7
Manchester United 170 4


Association Game Goal
Chelsea 12 1
Manchester United 29 4

Juan Mata

Association Game Goal
Chelsea 135 32
Manchester United 275 51

Juan Sebastian Veron

Association Game Goal
Chelsea 14 1
Manchester United 82 11

Out of all the players mentioned above, Nemanja Matic has played the most matches for Chelsea, having appeared in 156 matches for the club. As a midfielder, he was not a great goalscorer, but he still managed to score 7 goals for them.

Juan Mata left Manchester United this season, but he left his mark as one of the best players for the club in history. He made 275 appearances for the Red Devils and scored an impressive 51 goals, which is certainly not bad for a midfielder.

Romelu Lukaku would be a Chelsea great, but his fortunes took a sharp turn at the end. He left Chelsea this season and signed a long-term contract with Inter Milan, with whom he won the Serie A title in 2020.

Unlike Chelsea, Lukaku had quite a good career for United. However, he was no longer an attacking option for the club as he did not show his best form when United needed it, and so he was sold to Inter Milan later on.

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