New speculations on reason behind Moira-Jason Split arise

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In a post shared by comedian and actor Supertekla, new speculations on the split of singer Moira Dela Torre and ex-husband Jason Hernandez arise and uproars netizens.

The now viral post includes a screenshot from a Facebook user named Ken Gaddi sharing details supposedly explaining the ‘unfaithfulness’ mentioned by Jason Hernandez in his released statement on Tuesday, May 31 confirming his split with Moira Dela Torre.

The user said he’s speaking up as he can no longer bear circulating rumours targeting Jason citing the couple’s close friends as his source. “Share ko lang to kasi nakakaawa na si Jason,” read his post.


Moira Jason

The post stirred up netizens who are now comparing the Moira-Jason split to that of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

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Some are criticizing Moira for not releasing a statement to dispel the several speculations that sprouted after Jason’s announcement. Majority of which targeted Jason’s sexual orientation and tagging their handler Mac Merla maliciously.


The couple’s handler was quick to dispel the rumours by releasing a statement on social media.

“Just for the sake of clarity, for those who do not know us, I am Mac Merla of Cornerstone Entertainment Inc. I am the handler of Jason and Moira. This was taken during our flight to Dubai for Moira’s event which was taken by Moira herself… This is a very difficult time and we continue to pray for both of them,” stated Mac Merla.

A Facebook user named Matteo Sebastian re-shared the post with a caption sharing his two cents on the new speculation.

“Regarding this spreading rumour about Moira and Jason’s issue from Ken Gaddi, if this is true then, y’all should stop saying that Jason’s reason for being unfaithful to Moira is enough and valid because, as a husband of her who’s suffering from depression, it is his duty and responsibility to step aside his desire for that thing first because it can always wait, and there are also many reasons to relieve that as a man’s nature if he really respects his wife’s decision to not be ready yet,” said Sebastian.

He ended his post with a request to the couple’s close friends to stop spreading speculations which are not helpful to the couple’s situation. His post has now garnered more than 47 thousand shares.

Moira and singer Zack Tabudlo, who’s name is now being dragged in the new speculation, have yet to release any statements.

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