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The 2022/23 NFL season is underway and has certainly exceeded expectations in terms of the excitement and individual brilliance on display.

It’s been a long wait since the Los Angeles Rams won Super Bowl 56 back in February of this year over the Cincinnati Bengals.

Fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for September to arrive, and the way the teams have started is where the fans have stayed.

In Week 1, the Buffalo Bills brought the LA Rams back to reality with a thunderous 31-10 victory over the Super Bowl champions. Josh Allen has started the year as one of the favorites in the NFL odds to be named MVP at the end of the season, and he has shown why in the opening weeks.

There were so many close games in week one and high scoring ones too. Detroit Lions lost to Philadelphia Eagles 38-35; The Pittsburg Steelers edged the Bengals in their rivalry game 23-20, while the Kansas City Chiefs also reminded us of their offensive talent with a 44-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals.

After so much excitement in week one, you would have been forgiven for expecting the league to calm down a bit in week two, but you’d be wrong. The Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins played one of the most explosive and exciting games in recent times, with the Florida team coming out on top 42-38. The Rams got back to winning ways with a 31-27 win over the Atlanta Falcons, while the Detroit Lions showed their offense looks more exciting this year with a 36-27 win over the Washington Commanders.

Since acquiring speedster Tyreek Hill from the Chiefs, the Miami Dolphins have looked unstoppable. Along with Jaylen Waddle, the wide receivers have been a handful and have helped the side to a perfect three wins from the first three games.

Wide Receiver coach Wes Welker has been particularly complimentary to the pairing. “They’re tough, they’re tough, they want to win, they compete, they bring it every day on the practice field. All the different things. I think that’s what separates them”.

Having a tough task in the AFC East along with the Bills, but they got the early season win over their rivals in week three, 21-19, and have a lead to protect now.

Another Floridian team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, has also gotten off to a good start that many wouldn’t have expected. But Trevor Lawrence as a year in the NFL under his belt and showing why the franchise went out and selected him first in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Lawrence was interviewed on CBS recently and said “We’re playing with a lot of confidence. We don’t care what other people think we have here”. The team leads the AFC South after three games and faces a tough Philadelphia Eagles test in week four before two rivalry games against the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts.

Tom Brady came back from retirement to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for another season, and the 45-year-old is off to another great start at quarterback. He looks timeless, while the players around him also show the excellent form that makes them so difficult to play against.

Wide receiver Mike Evans sat out the week three loss to the Green Bay Packers after being suspended for events that occurred in their 20-10 victory over the New Orleans Saints. Evans was suspended by the NFL for one game for shoving Marshon Lattimore during a flare-up in which a number of players were involved in confrontations.

Brady said of the incident; “I love Mike and the fact that Mike would come out there and defend me, it means everything to me as a teammate and a friend. Emotions are part of sports. Sometimes they boil over, and they obviously did there”.

As the season heads into week four and beyond, there are some hugely exciting matchups grabbing everyone’s attention.

The Buffalo Bills travel to Baltimore to face a hypercharged Ravens side in week four. Two of the league’s most exciting quarterbacks will face off in what should be another high-scoring game.

In week five, the Eagles head to Arizona to face the Cardinals with two teams that have very dynamic and mobile quarterbacks. Defenses on both sides will have very busy games with the varied threat from each attack which can make both so unpredictable.

Having the NFL season back has been nothing short of a blessing. The players and coaches have not let us down with the exciting and high-scoring matches on offer. Each side is going big to try and get on the board early. Nobody wants to play catch up when the winter months hit and fans are already being treated to some incredible football.

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